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Vijanat - Award Winning Web Development Company Bangalore

Vijanat is a Professional web designing and web development company Bangalore, We offer website design, website development, domain registration, Cloud hosting, Mobile apps development and Digital Marketing Services.  We are a team of professionals working since 2012. We always tries to adopt new web design, web development technologies so that it will keep ahead in from the other competitors. Vijanat is trusted by many leading brands as well as 1500+ reputed startups & Companies. Vijanat recommends one of the best technologies for clients requirement so that it can easily scalable.

Responsive Website Design and development
Vijanat tries to create better design solutions to so that client can reach the maximum number of users. Responsive website development gives the best viewing experience easy reading and navigation with a minimum

of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors). With cascading style sheet media queries and bootstrap technologies, responsive website design can be done. We assure you that we can create a better experience responsive web designs.

Ecommerce Development Company Bangalore: Vijanat is best at creating B2B / B2C e-commerce portal development. Till today we have created more than 100 ecommerce websites for our clients. We are helping our customer to create a shopping website so that they can sell their products online. We provide end to end solution in e-commerce design, development, best practice to choose a domain name, cloud hosting, payment gateway and internet marketing (SEO, SEM and SMO services). After completion of the project, our experts will guide the client to manage their online store right from uploading product to tax calculation, shipping to coupon management.

CMS web development - WordPress is the most popular is CMS around the world: The most promising feature is the predefined content management system (CMS). IT gives the power to end users that means, possibility to make suitable changes to your own website whenever required without any coding knowledge. By using this facility most of our clients keep updating their website effectively. Vijant team always guide you to learn more on CMS handing and best practices.

Adopt web development trends in 2019 as a web development Company Bangalore
Progressive Web Apps (PWA): Progressive Web Apps were announced by Google in 2015. Worlds leading companies and brands rebuilt their websites relying on PWA in 2016. In a simple sentence, PWA is a web-based application which possesses the UX and feels just like mobile apps for providing the users with an app like experience in a browser.

Single Page Application (SPA): SPA allows all the content in a long scrollable page and removing any clutter. Users will get the most relevant content on a single page.SPA based on JavaScript, Basically, the development is based on React and Angular frameworks
Bots (Artificial intelligence): Chatbots created on the basis of artificial intelligence and neural networks will continue to evolve helping to increase communication online.
Blockchain: Blockchain is a method of collective data storage. All information is placed on thousands of computers around the world and not in one place. Every transaction is verified by relying on the complex algorithm, Blockchain has a high level of protection.

Internet of Thing:  IoT solutions gradually enter into the life of each person. We are on the verge of a global introduction of smart devices. Large international companies started to adopt IoT in different sectors of the economy. Smart devices allow you to use resources more efficiently. IoT allows you to increase efficiency with high accuracy. According to Statista, the number of devices in 2018 its self 23.14 billion devices.

Full-Service Web Design & Development Company

Web Development & Digital Marketing Experts

Our team comp up with creative custom web designs for your requirements.

It does not matter static web development or Dynamic development vijanat recommends scalable web development solutions.

Vijanat will give the best solutions to your e-commerce requirements so that you can only focus on products or services you about sell.

WordPress is one of the leading CMS solutions with more than 60% market share. Vijanat helps you to set up WordPress solutions.

Its iOS development or android based upon your requirement, Vijanat team will recommend platforms like native app development, HTML5 or  Hybrid Mobile Applications Development.

Reach your targeted customer with the right advertising channels. Based upon your requirements, we help you to achieve your goals.